Sustainable Sea Announcement

Gittings, S. sgittings at
Fri Jul 24 11:30:27 EDT 1998

At, or at the anonymous FTP
site, you will find an
announcement of an opportunity for collaboration with the National
Geographic Society's Sustainable Seas Expeditions, a five-year,
public-private effort to use manned submersibles to explore the coastal
waters of the United States, with emphasis on the nation's National Marine
Sanctuaries.  The project team is requesting proposals for collaboration,
but has tried to simplify the submission process as much as possible by
requesting completion of short forms that contain the information needed
to select collaborative projects.  All projects conducted during the
Sustainable Seas Expeditions, even those previously identified by the
sanctuaries as high priority projects, will be required to submit
completed forms.

To help us meet the deadline of the review process, please do not to wait
for the deadline to submit this information, if possible.  Also please
feel free to disseminate this announcement in electronic or hard copy

Dr. Steve Gittings, Science Coordinator
NOAA Sanctuaries and Reserves Division
SSMC-4, N/ORM2, Rm. 11535
Silver Spring, MD 20910

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