Coral Reef Monitoring Protocols

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Tue Jul 28 09:54:05 EDT 1998

For your convenience, a list of some coral reef assessment protocols has
been compiled at:

We realize the list is not complete and would appreciate whatever feedback
you may have.  So far, this is what we have:

     The Global Coral Reef Monitoring Network's
     Protocols for Coral Reef Monitoring

     The Atlantic and Gulf Reef Assessment's
     Rapid Assessment Protocol and RAP Data Template. (This is the
     preliminary protocol. The revised protocol will appear soon.)

     The Caribbean Coastal Marine Productivity (CARICOMP)
     Methods Manual for Coral Reef Communities

     The Reef Check 1998's
     1998 Reef Check Core Methods (including how to post results)

     A Manual for Monitoring Coral Reefs with Indicator Species:
     Butterflyfishes as Indicators of Change on Indo-Pacific Reefs, by
     Michael P. Crosby, Ph.D. and Ernst S. Reese, Ph.D. (You must
     have an Adobe Acrobat PDF reader to view this document.)

     Guidelines, Handbooks and Tools for Coral Reef Management,
     by Sue Wells.


If you have any comments or additions, please address them to the CHAMP
WebMaster, Gina Morisseau-Leroy at gmoriss at


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