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Thu Jul 30 08:24:07 EDT 1998

Coral Cay Conservation (CCC)
Opening: Project Scientist 

An experienced postgraduate marine biologist is sought for the
position of a Project Scientist (PS) to oversee CCC's field research
programme in the Philippines.  CCC is a UK based non-profit
organisation which provides resources for the protection and
sustainable use of coastal environments.  

The main duties of the PS are to oversee and co-ordinate the ongoing
CCC coral reef research programme under basic expedition conditions. 
This includes supervision of other science staff, teaching marine
ecology and identification to diving non-biologist volunteers and
local counterparts and co-ordination of the survey work conducted. 
Other aspects of this position are data management, reporting on
scientific activities, developing institutional links and representing
CCC at meetings and conferences. 

The position of PS is a six month non-salaried post based in the
Philippines starting on the 15th September 1998.  

Candidates are required to have:
-a postgraduate qualification (preferable PhD level) in a relevant
-extensive coral reef research experience in the Indo-
Pacific region, 
-good working knowledge of Indo-Pacific fish, coral
and invertebrate families and species, 
-competence in computing, 
-good organisational skills, 
-excellent communication and presentation skills, 
-excellent interpersonal skills.

The selection process for this post is ongoing and there are also
positions available in 1999 in the Philippines (contact Maria Beger)
and in Belize (contact Shonagh Whithey).

Further information on CCC's work can be obtained from our website:

Please apply in writing or by e-mail to:
Maria Beger, Assistant Science Co-ordinator, Coral Cay Conservation,
154 Clapham Park Rd, London, SW4 7DE, UK, ccc at

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