Reef Survey Team Available

Melissa Jones Greenforce.melissa at
Fri Jul 31 10:37:02 EDT 1998

Are you aware of a coral reef survey project which could make use of a
fully equipped survey team free of charge?

Greenforce is a Registered Non-profit Making Organisation and a member of
the British Council for Voluntary Organisations. We arrange biodiversity
survey projects world-wide, including coral reef surveys. Greenforce is
self-financing and offers its services to host country institutions free of
charge. Our survey teams are led by qualified scientists and experienced
dive leaders, assisted by groups of research assistants. We provide all the
equipment necessary to conduct the survey, much of which is donated to the
host country on completion of the survey. All our diving operations are
conducted in accordance with UNESCO=92s Guidelines for Scientific Diving.

We are currently conducting a three year survey of the Yaduataba island
reefs on behalf the National trust for Fiji, who will use our data to
formulate a sustainable management plan for the area, and to support their
application to have Yaduataba island recognised as Fiji=92s first World
Heritage Site.

We intend to start another reef survey next July and are currently seeking
a suitable project. Our preference is to work on behalf of a host country
institution which lacks the recourses or manpower to conduct a survey
itself. All we ask in return for conducting the survey is help with
obtaining the necessary visas and research permits for our survey team.
Because of the capital cost of equipment, we prefer long-term projects of
three or more years.

I=92d be interested to hear any suggestions or proposals, and would be
pleased to answer any questions regarding Greenforce and our work. You can
learn more about us from our website www.btinternet/~greenforce.

Jonathon Tully
Marine Projects Co-ordinator

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