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Dear Coral listers:

This is the second reminder for the ITMEMS Symposium in Australia in
November 1998. If interested please read and in particular for tentative
participants from the Wider Caribbean Region:

ICRI: Reminder on ITMEMS

As you are probably aware the International Tropical Marine Ecosystems
Management Symposium (ITMEMS) will be held in Townsville, Australia, 23-26
November 1988

ITMEMS will provide a forum for the review and evaluation of the
implementation of the International Coral Reef Initiative (ICRI).  The
review will be conducted within a framework of the four ICRI cornerstones:
Integrated Management, Capacity Building, Monitoring and Review.   The
Symposium will also provide an opportunity to identify shortcomings in the
global ICRI strategy and for delegates to give guidance to the Secretariat
and ICRI partners on the future direction of the initiative.  ITMEMS will
complement the International Coral Reef Symposia (ICRS, which take place
every four years) by bringing together coral reef management practitioners
and policy makers from around the world to discuss their concerns.

The Symposium structure is designed to meet the particular needs of
management. It is based around the priority issues and needs for
conservation and sustainable use of coral reefs and associated ecosystems
as identified through the ICRI process.  These will provide the focus for a
series of interactive, action-oriented workshops that are designed to share
practical experiences and draw lessons through case study examples from
around the world.  The capacity of tropical marine ecosystem managers and
policy makers to develop and implement management initiatives for coral
reefs and associated ecosystems will be enhanced through this process.
ITMEMS will make a major contribution to ocean management in 1998 and will
be one of the premier events during the United Nations International Year
of the Ocean.

Symposium Objectives 

· To review actions taken to date on a global and regional basis to
implement the objectives of ICRI as outlined in the Call to Action and
Framework for Action
· To identify gaps in the global approach of ICRI to stop the degradation
of coral reefs and related ecosystems 
· To provide direction for the future implementation of ICRI
· To share experiences and lessons amongst coral reef managers and policy
makers of recent developments in the conservation and sustainable use of
coral reefs and related ecosystems.

· An understanding of progress made since the Dumaguete City workshop to
stop the global degradation of coral reefs
· A renewed commitment on a continuing global basis, to apply the four ICRI
elements:  Integrated Management, Capacity Building, Monitoring and Review
· Enhanced capacity to develop and implement coral reef management

· Symposium documentation, including status reports and case study examples
from each of the ICRI regions
· Working Group summaries of lessons learned and future challenges arising
from the case studies
· An agreed action statement and communique for ICRI global direction over
the next four years.

Participation from the Wider Caribbean
UNEP's Regional Co-ordinating Unit for the Caribbean Environment Programme
as regional contact point for ICRI is assisting in coordinating regional
participation at ITMEMS and securing funding for this purpose.  If you are
interested in attending and/or in presenting a case study from the region
please contact: Alessandra Vanzella-Khouri, UNEP, 14-20 Port Royal Street,
Kingston, Jamaica, Ph (876) 922-9267, Fax (876) 922-9292, Email:
avk.uneprcuja at

For further information on ITMEMS contact:
Symposium Management Company
P.O. Box 1811 Attkenvale
Qld 4814 Australia
Telephone: (61) 0747715755	Facsimilie: (61) 0747715455
ICRI Web: http;// 

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