Tortugas Ecological Reserve

Erich Mueller emueller at
Sun Jun 7 00:31:00 EDT 1998

Dear colleagues with an interest in the Dry Tortugas,

As you may be aware, the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary has begun
the process of establishing an Ecological Reserve (no take) in the Dry
Tortugas area. This would extend beyond the Dry Tortugas N.P., most likely
in the Tortugas Bank area. As a member of the Tortugas 2000 Working Group
representing the research community (by virtue of a similar mandate on teh
Sanctuary Advisory Council), I would like to solicit input from those
interested in this process, especially those who have worked, or plan to,
in this area. 

I would appreciate hearing your thoughts and ideas concerning the Reserve
such as areas that would be particularly valuable to include. For
example, fish spawning areas or critical habitat. There are no "lines 
on the map" yet and this is your opportunity to have input into the
Reserve definition. 

The location of research sites is of great interest along with
a brief desciption of work done there. If you feel that any locations are
particularly sensitive and should NOT be generally disclosed, please
indicate that and such information will be treated accordingly. 

Thank you for your consideration,

Erich Mueller


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