'Blue' coral

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>Whilst diving in the Maldives (North Ari Atoll) recently, I 
>commented on the large number of 'Blue' and Blue tipped' coral 
>growths which have previously been white/cream. Some appeared to be 
>turning pale blue from the tip downwards, others had patches of blue. 
> These coral colonies appeared to be random (various depths and 
>sites) and not limited to a single species. The local dive rep stated 
>that he had been informed that these corals went blue prior to death. 
>If this is the case, there are a large number of deaths about to 
>take place!  I suspect that the colouration is more to do with the 
>lifecycle of the polyps, perhaps their spawning but I have been 
>unable to find any informatiion on this. Can you provide any? 
>Many thanks in anticipation,
>Patrick Mitchell-Jones.
>patmj at cdstecsv.demon.co.uk

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