'Blue' coral

Craig Bingman cbingman at netcom.com
Mon Jun 8 21:12:58 EDT 1998

Host autofluorescent pigments (some of which are blue) are more easily 
observed when the symbiotic dinoflagellate population of the coral is 
reduced, as in "bleaching" from high temperature or high irradiance.

This is one possible explaination for the observation.  There may be others.

> >Whilst diving in the Maldives (North Ari Atoll) recently, I 
> >commented on the large number of 'Blue' and Blue tipped' coral 
> >growths which have previously been white/cream. Some appeared to be 
> >turning pale blue from the tip downwards, others had patches of blue. 

> >Patrick Mitchell-Jones.
> >patmj at cdstecsv.demon.co.uk
> Robert N. Ginsburg

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