Blue Coral in Alacranes Reef!!

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Tue Jun 9 17:20:00 EDT 1998

Hi corallers!!

I just read the Blue Coral posts... and yes as a metter of fact i=B4ve
always wondered why those corals were blue... since the pictures in the
field handbooks weren=B4t like that... i think the coral in the pic is a
porites... but not sure...  for checking out the pic go to the following

if can=B4t get direct connection try without the /alacranes.htm there=B4s a
link for the alacranes reef in mexico... sorry if the websites is a bit
scarce but i=B4m in the process of building it up...  Oh! the pic is in the
second pege of the alacranes pages.  and the direct link for the pic is:

as a note the Hue
in the pic is not very good BUT the coral IS blue!!  the pic was taken
last year around august...  hope you like it!!

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