recipe for marine cement?

Walt Jaap STP JAAP_W at
Tue Jun 16 11:38:01 EDT 1998

Marine epoxy works quite well.  There are various types and strength
capabilities.  We have found that Liquid Rock 500 works quite well for moorings
and attaching marker stakes in the reef platform.  We drill a 12 inch deep hole
in the reef platform with a hydraulic drill; flush out the residue, fill the
hole with epoxy, and insert the stainless steel stake.  The epoxy sets up in an

Hydraulic cement will work but it is a bit messy and you must be careful in
applying.  You can speed setting time by adding a slight amount of molding
plaster to Portland type II mortar mix.  Mix on surface, put the mixture in a
plastic bag or bowel and take under water.  Portland does not work well in
strong currents or in a heavy wave surge.

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