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Flo Thomas fthomas at
Wed Jun 17 15:29:54 EDT 1998

The following position is for 2 years not temporary.  Sorry.

Flo Thomas
> A technician position is available in an active marine science laboratory
> with research interests ranging from invertebrate reproduction to
> scale nutrient transport processes.  The work will include both
> and field research.  Field research is conducted on coral reefs and
> seagrass communities.  The technician will be responsible for laboratory
> management, data acquisition and analysis.   The work in the lab is very
> diverse.  Therefore, a wide range of skills and interests could fit
> the needs of the lab.  Desired skills include: A B.S. in marine science,
> oceanography, biology, engineering, zoology or environmental science (an
> M.S. degree is desirable); computer skills; field experience; scuba
> TEM and SEM; image analysis; experience in biogeochemistry, biomechanics,
> or hydrodynamics; writing skills and statistics.  The successful
> will be expected to have some but not all of the above skills.  
> The position is located at the Dauphin Island Sea Lab located on a
> Island on the Northern Gulf of Mexico.  The pay range starts at $25,000+
> and is dependent on experience and skills.  If you are interested please
> send a Curriculum Vitae, 3 letters of recommendation, and a letter
> your research experience and interest.  If you have any questions please
> contact Dr. Florence Thomas, P.O. Box 369 Dauphin Island, Alabama, 36528,
> email: fthomas at, (334-861-7544).

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