Carib. Coral Spawning in June

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Wed Jun 17 15:57:52 EDT 1998

Hello All,

A quick note of interest to those dealing with coral spawning...

On the evenings of June 15 and 16, (two nights ago) male M. cavernosa colonies
were seen spawning in Bimini, Bahamas.  Ned and Anna DeLoach reported seeing
the colonies spawn just after dusk at approx. 8:30 pm.  Only male colonies
were seen spawning and no M. annularis colonies were seen spawning.  The full
moon should have been on the evening of June 10th.

An unconfirmed report from Cozumel...

A REEF member reported seeing Diploria (probably strigosa) spawning on a night
dive in Cozumel early on the evening of June 12 or 13.  The colony was not
large (approx 30cm dia.) and was male.  I was skeptical of this report until
hearing of the DeLoach's report from Bimini.

Just thought this might be of interest,

Laddie Akins

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