Housing for digital Handycam

Steve Gardner - Coral Sea Imagery Steve at coral-sea.com.au
Sat Jun 20 12:37:12 EDT 1998

The Amphibico housings have problems with the buttons which can & do snap
off or pop out causing the housing to flood.  I know of several accounts
where this has happened including two instances where this happened to me
on the same shoot with two different housings.

Stingray housings do seem to have many testimonies as being reliable
workhorse units..

Dr. Erik Meesters at the Johannes Gutenberg University in Germany recently
compiled information and reports on various housings for DV cameras which
was posted on the internet... I don't seem to have the URL on my laptop
but you could contact Erik through the coral-list.

Hope this helps...



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I am prospecting for a housing compatible with the Sony digital Handycam
camcorder.  I have a quotation on the Amphibico VH-1000.  But I recently
heard a rumour that these units are not as reliable as earlier models.
Does anyone have relevant experience or other recommendations?

Jeremy Woodley

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