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Philippe Coyault philippe.coyault at
Tue Jun 23 14:37:11 EDT 1998

Dear readers,

Oceanopolis, a Scientific, Technical and Industrial Centre dedicated to the
sea, located at the far end of Brittany, in France, presents since 1990
aquariums showing the marine animal-life and flora of the North-East
Atlantic marine ecosystems.

Some exhibitions and many multimedia products complete these presentations.
The educational vocation of our equipment is very marked for we welcome
many school groups.

During the spring of the year 2000, Oceanopolis will open two new wings,
one about the tropical ecosystems, the other one concerning the polar
ecosystems, and will thus become the first European Leisure and Science
Park dedicated to the sea. Our request takes place in this context.

So as to complete our presentation of the tropical ecosystems, we intend
to show our public numerous multimedia documents. This project is carried
out in collaboration with scientific institutes such as the ORSTOM, at
Brest (about the tropical wing).  That is why we would be very interested
in finding some films, animated films, videos or pictures concerning the
following subjects :

- life in coral reefs,
- geology,
- biology of the marine species...

If you have got things that could meet our needs, or if you happen to know
someone who could get in touch with us and be of some help, please contact
us at this address :

philippe.coyault at

Many thanks in advance!

Best regards,

Philippe Coyault
Responsible for the audiovisual department of Oceanopolis

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