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On 6/24/98 Bob Steneck wrote:

>It seems to me, understanding the patterns of coral reef condition 
>sufficiently so that plausible forcing-function processes can be 
>identified should be a priority action item for our coral reef research 
>community.  I think we do need to collectively consider which reefs are 
>at risk, but we should also identify which reefs are seriously degraded 
>and which ones are relatively pristine.  With such information we should 
>be better able to apply our remedial actions intelligently and surgically.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency will be coming out with a new 
report on the "Development of Biological Criteria for Coral Reef 
Ecosystem Assessment" that will address the above and hopefully provide 
the stimulus for funding a U.S. Coral Reef Biocriteria Program.  The 
entire 90+ page report will be published in the upcoming summer edition 
of the Smithsonian's Atoll Research Bulletin and has a comprehensive 
review of coral reef indicator species and other reef monitoring indices 
- with recommendations for future work.

Jameson SC, Erdmann MV, Gibson Jr GR, Potts KW (in press) Development of 
biological criteria for 	coral reef ecosystem assessment.  Atoll Research 
Bulletin, National Museum of Natural History, 	Smithsonian Institution, 
Washington, DC 

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