Coral Bleaching in Florida

John Barimo jbarimo at
Thu Jun 25 14:55:46 EDT 1998

Coral bleaching has been observed on a near shore patch reef (the Rocks),
inshore from Hawk Channel, off Key Largo, FL.  On June 18, bleaching was
noted on a single Siderastrea siderea colony and the diameter of the
bleached area increased 10 cm over a 6 day period.  On June 24, bleaching
was observed on the following scleractinians: Montastraea annularis, M.
faveolata, M. cavernosa and S. siderea.  Bleaching was also noted on
Palythoa sp., Erythropodium caribaeorum and Millepora alcicornis.  Surface
water temperatures have been in excess of 32=B0C and coral depth is 2-3 m.  =

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