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Peter Vogt apnea at
Sat Jun 27 04:59:31 EDT 1998

Hi folks,
I have just joined the list & are a newcomer to the field of coral reef conservation. My background is in software engineering, although I have spent the last 3 months working in the field on a coral conservation project in Indonesia as a volunteer.
What I would like to do now is to create some software that will help marine biologists and others to analyse and make use of the survey results, in particular those of species level analysis. I have seen one package by the name of Biomar.
Do people on this list, who would be interested in such software, have views on what such software should do for them? Does anyone know of other packages? What are their good and bad points?
With my limited experience it seems to me that the survey process in the field could be made more efficient and less labour intensive by having the right software at this stage.
Any pointers, such as Urls etc. would be more than welcome - my websearches so far have been fruitless...
Thanks for your help. I will return to Indonesia and be offline (no phone) in one week. If there is sufficient interest I will collate and post to the list.
Peter Vogt
Pete Vogt
apnea at

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