Mexico Bathymetry

John Guinotte johng at
Fri Mar 6 13:16:18 EST 1998

To all Coral-listers:

Your help would be greatly appreciated in the following matter:

For my masters thesis,I am creating a coastal GIS to predict Mexican Coral
Reef distribution from basic environmental data (SST, Salinity,
Bathymetry, Nutrients,etc.). This is a continuation of the work by:

Kleypas, J. A.  1997.  Modeled estimates of global reef habitat and
carbonate production since the last glacial maximum.
Paleoceanography 12(4): 533-545.

In order to improve the model, I need to acquire a higher resolution
bathymetry/water depth layer (that has a spatial resolution greater than  
(5 minutes x 5 minutes) for the waters off Mexico's coasts.

If anyone has this type of data or knows how/where to acquire it, please
email me.

Thank You-
John Guinotte

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