The Coral Disease Page

Harry McCarty McCarty_and_Peters at
Fri Mar 6 18:42:28 EST 1998

Harry McCarty and Esther Peters are pleased to announce the birth
of a new web page!

The Coral Disease Page can be found at:

(Yes, its a long URL, but that can't be avoided.  You might try
copying it to the clipboard and pasting it into your browser.)

After a two-year gestation and a somewhat difficult birth,
parents and web page are doing fine!

This site is designed to promote the exchange of information
about diseases of hard or stony corals and other reef organisms. 
It consists of a brief introduction to diseases of coral reef
ecosystems and a series of pages that discuss various diseases of
hard corals, sea fans, and coralline algae that have been
recognized on reefs thus far.  In addition to information on
specific diseases, you can use a key that allows you to identify
a potential disease based on some characteristic visual signs of
each disease (abnormalities in appearance, behavior, or
morphology).  We have also included a list of links to related
sites and some ideas for what you can do to help.

This site is intended to be a living document.  At present, we
have posted information on over a dozen known diseases.  We plan
to add more information as it becomes available.  We will be
happy to collaborate on postings of other diseases and to add
links to other web sites containing related information.

Fair Warning:  Because detailed images are necessary to
illustrate clearly the characteristics of these diseases, some of
the graphics on the subsequent pages may take some time to load. 
We have tried hard to balance the need for detail and the size of
the files.

We appreciate your comments, but suggest that you send them to us
directly, rather than through the coral list server.  If there is
sufficient interest, we will post information about updates to
the site as they occur.

Thanks for your time.

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