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Fisheries Biology, 
Assessment and Management

176 illustrations, 320 pages, 1995. ISBN 0 85238 223 5
Price £25.99 

Author: Michael King 

"I am frequently asked to recommend a textbook which will provide
 fisheries science students with a firm grounding in fish biology, 
the collection and analysis of data and its application to fisheries management. 
This will be it from now on!... I recommend this both as a course text 
to students and a technical manual to more experienced 
practitioners."  Journal of Fish Biology 

"We have here a fine textbook indeed, especially useful to students 
in marine and fisheries biology."  World Fishing 

"Comprehensive as well as interesting to read."  Seafood International 

As the over-exploitation of fish stocks continues on a global scale, the need 
to develop and enhance skills in fisheries assessment and management 
becomes ever-more urgent if we are to ensure that fish remain 
a renewable resource providing employment and food. 

Fisheries Biology, Assessment and Management is a new, core text which 
provides essential information and expert guidance on modern methods 
of resources management for both temperate and tropical fisheries and is directed 
to students of marine science and biology and fisheries researchers, 
scientists, and managers. 

Modern catching methods are reviewed in full, analyses of fisheries 
resource species are provided, from invertebrates (such as sea cucumbers) 
to migratory fish species (such as Tuna) and, unlike other available texts, 
Fisheries Biology, Assessment and Management contains a large number 
of worked examples and numerous graphs, charts, diagrams and line drawings. 

This new work is destined to become the foundation text and leading 
reference in this vital area of fisheries science, and is one of several titles 
available on inspection for lecturers and course tutors wishing 
to evaluate textbooks for potential class use. 

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