Cyanide Fishing

James M. Cervino cnidaria at
Mon Mar 9 07:59:29 EST 1998

Dear Listers,

The Global Coral Reef Alliance and the New York Zoological Society (NY
Aquarium) are engaged in lab & field experiments involving the affects of
cyanide on corals (host & zoox.).

We are trying to reach Bob Richmond of the University of Guam for
collaboration. We have very high quality slides of acroporids severly
damaged and killed by cyanide use, If anyone has pictures of corals KILLED
by cyanide please contact me directly. I will be glad to pay any costs

This practice is still being used throughout the Pacific for the aquarium,
and resturant trade. We have seen reefs damaged within a short time due to
this immoral method of capture.

Thank you, James M. Cervino

James M. Cervino
Marine Biologist
Global Coral Reef Alliance
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