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Wed Mar 11 09:25:08 EST 1998


Sorry for the delay, but the archive of all incidences of coral bleaching
which have been reported through announcements to coral-list has been

The data files represent individual reported instances of coral bleaching,
or related information.  The format of the data files represent the
approximate date of bleaching or of a report.  For example b951006.dat
would represent an incidence of bleaching on or about October 6, 1995.

No claim is made as to the accuracy of these reports.  For more
information, contact the author of the report.


Unfortunately, incidences of spawning have not been reported through
coral-list quite so much as for bleaching; however, those incidences have
been updated in the spawning archives.  I, for one, would very much like
to see any posting of coral spawning which includes species, time, and any
meteorological and/or oceanographic information which you can include,
e.g., sea temp, salinity, phase of the tide, moon phase, etc.

The same "disclaimer" as above applies for the spawning archives.


Both bleaching and spawning archives are accessible from the CHAMP Home
Page at: under Bulletins.


If you care to reference these messages in a publication, following are
some links which discuss the protocols for doing this (i.e., referencing
Web documents):

I hope this helps you in your work.


	Jim Hendee
	NOAA's Coral Health and Monitoring Program

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