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The Computational Science Centre Amsterdam (CSA) is a joint initiative of
research groups from Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Computer Science of
the University of Amsterdam.

Within the Computational Science Centre research is being done on complex
systems and processes stemming from physics, biology, chemistry, 
environmental - and geosciences as well as anthropogenic disciplines 
(engineering, finance, economics) using simulation and computational 

An important element within this multi-disciplinary research is the 
development of new computational methods and techniques which are 
required to make processes computable. The common characteristics of 
systems from various disciplines (physics, biology, chemistry etc.) 
contribute to a better knowledge and guarantee an optimal use of existing 
expertise about complex systems.

At the University of Amsterdam Computational Science is a focus of new
research.  This joint initiative is being supported by the ``beta-cluster'' 
(physics, mathematics, computer science, chemistry, physical geography, 
and biology). The centre of activities of this interdisciplinary 
collaboration within computational science is at the Science-Park 
Watergraafsmeer in Amsterdam, where also the Academic Computing Services 
Amsterdam (facilities for High Performance Computing and Virtual Reality), 
and the NWO institutes Institute for Atomic and Molecular Physics,
the National Institute for Nuclear Physics and High Eenergy Physics, and
the  Centre for Mathematics and Computer Science are located.

Within the CSA there are currently a number of vacancies (see for more
vacancies and details

One of the most important recent discoveries in biology are the hox
genes which regulate embryonal development within the animal kingdom.
In this regulation, gradients formed by diffusion of morphogens play a
fundamental role. A suitable case study for the development of a simulation
model of morphogenesis are metazoans with a relatively simple bodyplan, as 
for example sponges and stony-corals. The morphogenesis of these organisms is
partly controlled by the internal genetic regulation and partly by the
influence of the physical environment (for example hydrodynamics and light). 
The aim of this project is to develop a model of the internal genetic 
regulation of morphogenesis and to add this, ultimately, to an existing model
of the influence of the physical environment on the morphogenesis of 
organisms as for example sponges and stony-corals. In these simulation 
models large-scale computing techniques and particle -based methods, as 
for example the lattice Boltzmann models to simulate diffusion and flow 
processes will be used. We are seeking a (mathematical / physical) biologist 
with experience in computer science, or computer scientists or physicists 
with a strong interest in biology.  In this project we will cooperate with 
biologists from the University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands Institute of 
Sea Research, and the  National Institute of Water and Atmospheric 
Research in New Zealand.
Purpose of appointment: PhD degree. Appointment is for a maximum of four
years. The salary ranges from Dfl.2,151 in the first year to Dfl.3,841 in
the fourth year. Employment is full-time (38 hours/week) unless otherwise
stated. Part-time employment (with a minimum of 32 hours/week) is possible
if supervisor agrees. A training and supervision plan will be drawn up with
the PhD student, stipulating the aims and content of the proposed research
project and the teaching obligations involved.
There is no closing date for applications yet.  Please send a letter of 
application, a full CV, and the names and addresses of at least two referees 
to the address below.  For more information, please contact: 
Prof. dr. P.M.A. Sloot (telephone +31 20 525 7463, email: peterslo at
and/or  Dr. J.A. Kaandorp (telephone +31 20 525 7539, email: jaapk at

The Computational Science Centre Amsterdam
Kruislaan 403
1098 SJ Amsterdam
The Netherlands
telephone +31 20 525 7537
fax       +31 20 525 7490
email csa at
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