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Doug Fenner d.fenner at
Wed Mar 18 22:02:28 EST 1998

During a Conservation International rapid assessment survey in the north
Palawan area of the Philippines in February 1998, black band disease was
observed on 4 species of corals at 4 sites as follows:

All sites are in the Calamaian Group of islands north of Palawan Is.:

1 colony of Pachyseris gemmae at the West side of Gutob Penninsula
    12 deg 11.74' N, 119 deg 51.59' E

1 colony of Turbinaria mesenterina on the SE tip of Galoc Is.
    11 deg 56.62' N, 119 deg 49.20' E

2 colonies of Montipora florida at south arm, Halsey Harbor
    11 deg 44.07' N, 119 deg 57.03' E

Montipora aequituburculata at Twin Peak islands, W. Coron Is.
    11 deg 57.40' N, 120 deg 12.57' E

black band had been observed previously near the first site listed.
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