artificial reef

Bruce Carlson carlson at
Wed Mar 25 22:34:44 EST 1998


We had some real problems with airplanes used as artificial reefs here in 

A major storm rolled through here a few years ago and ripped the planes to
shreds scattering pieces of metal over a wide area of reef.  The planes
were in fairly deep water (70' - 100' as I recall).

I would NOT recommend sinking planes as artificial reefs.  

Bruce Carlson
Waikiki Aquarium

On Wed, 25 Mar 1998, Claudia Pamela Osorio Dussan wrote:

> Dear coral-list
> I would like to know some experience, beneficit, impacts about artificial reefs coral.
> It will be made with six  old airplane made in aluminium, iron and fiver glass.
> Thanks for your comments
> please replay  cleoduss at

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