Bleaching in Alcyonaceans ?

Dr. G=F6tz B. Reinicke g.reinicke at
Mon Mar 30 10:15:03 EST 1998

Dear list members and bleaching observers,

Has anyone of you observed Bleaching in Alcyonacean (soft and gorgonian
corals) during the various recent events reported ? I haven't noticed
any mention in the reports on the list during last 2 years. The only
note in my hand is P. Glynn's (1993) report in Coral Reefs 12: 1-18,
showing a photograph of bleached Erythropodium caribaeorum from Florida.

However, many of the reef dwelling alcyonacean species are in fact
zooxanthellate, many soft corals in particular.

No Bleaching observed or reported to date from the Indo-Pacific ? Does
it mean that it doesn't occur ? Or does it reflect limited attention
payed to this group ?

Goetz Reinicke

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