"Pinkline disease" -Reply

Jan Korrubel KorrubelJ at science.unp.ac.za
Mon Nov 2 09:04:28 EST 1998

Dear Coral-Listers,

>>> Prasanna Weerakkody <firefish at sltnet.lk> wrote:

We are presently trying to come to terms with the aftermath of the 98
bleaching catastrophe here in Sri Lanka.......While most of the large
Porites domes survived; the partially pigmented colonies seem to be
fast succumbing to an epidemic of a coral disease which was identified
as the "pink line disease" (pers. com. Dr. Thomas Goreau ).  The coral
tissue is softened and killed by a thin (1-2mm.thick) pink line
advancing as a spreading ring.

>> This sounds very much like something we have seen here earlier this
year on _Porites_ mounds in the Sodwana Bay reef complex.

 We are looking for ways in containing this infection. I would be most
grateful if anyone could enlighten me as to any information or
experience with controlling such infections.

>> If Prasanna Weerakkody or anybody else has anymore information on
this, please forward the necessary to me - I'd certainly like to hear
more about this.


Jan Korrubel
University of Natal
South Africa.

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