Malicious virus - CAUGHT AGAIN?!?!?

Jan Korrubel KorrubelJ at
Wed Nov 11 05:49:58 EST 1998

>>> David Zakai <zakaid at> wrote:

If you receive an e-mail titled Win A. Holiday DO NOT open it.It will
erase everything on your hard drive.  Forward this letter out to as
many people as you can.  This is a new, very malicious virus and not
many people know about it. This information was announced yesterday
morning from Microsoft, please share it again pass this along to
everyone in your address book so that this may be stopped.

>> I am afraid that you (and now also the rest of us due to you
forwarding the email) are indeed victims of a malaise - that of a HOAX

>> Why is it that so many intelligent? people fall for all these
that are perpetrated on the Internet?? I presume there must be some
mass Gullibility Virus contaminating the Internet community.

>> Before spreading any of this around further the Internet, check the

      *  Department of Energy Computer Incident Advisory
         Capability at

      *  Symantec Anti Virus Research Center at

      *  McAfee Associates Virus Hoax List at

      *  Dr. Solomons Hoax Page at

      *  The Urban Legends Web Site at

      *  Datafellows Hoax Warnings at

>> Courses in critical thinking are also widely available online. 
People can help inoculate themselves against the Gullibility Virus by
reading some good material on evaluating sources, such as:

      *  Evaluating Internet Research Sources at

      *  Evaluation of Information Sources at
              < agsmith/evaln/evaln.htm>

      *  Bibliography on Evaluating Internet Resources at

Jan Korrubel
University of Natal
South Africa.

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