CHAMP back up

Coral Workstation at NOAA/AOML coral at
Fri Nov 13 09:05:01 EST 1998

Dear Coral-Listers,

	Unfortunately, workstation crashed a couple of
days ago and the CHAMP web page and coral-list listserver were down.
Because the CHAMP Page also hosts the GCRMN and AGRA Web Pages, these were
down, too.  Workstation coral has undergone quite a bit of growth and is
continuously working on the Web Page or the listserver, and I'm afraid a
major upgrade is in order, if we can obtain funding.  Your patience is

	I'm afraid some of the new coral-list subscribers were lost in the
crash.  If you know of any recent subscribers, you may may want to pass
this information on to them.

	Thanks again for your patience.


	Jim Hendee
	CHAMP Administrator

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