Global Warming and Reefs: Statements at Buenos Aires Conference of Parties 14 Nov

Craig Bingman cbingman at
Mon Nov 16 03:26:57 EST 1998

On Sun, 15 Nov 1998, Gregor Hodgson wrote:

> Dear listers,
> Here are a couple of provocative statements picked up by Reuters at the
> COP-4 (Global Warming) negotiations in Buenos Aires on reefs and global
> warming. 

> For the sad details of COP-4 see:
> For solutions that we should be pushing our leaders to implement see the

Perhaps it is time for the US to re-evaluate its hysterical position 
regarding nuclear reactors and down-stream wastes from that technology.

I've pulled a few mREM in the course of getting the job done.  If the 
general populace wakes up to the amount of radiation exposure they take 
in the course of exploiting fossil fuels: maybe there could be a change.

Then again, people are cattle:  driven to froth by the word "radiation."

So my intermendiate-range plans are to move ~10-degrees longitude north 
and several hundred feet higher above sealevel(1998).


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