Global Warming and Reefs

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Mon Nov 16 07:04:59 EST 1998

Dear Craig,

We agree on the immense challenges posed by global warming and the
dependence on fossil fuels, but I don't understand why you seem to think
that the only solution is to go nuclear. And I think you're wrong to
characterize the many who oppose such a solution as "hysterical." Are the
people of Chernobyl, and those in surrounding countries affected by that
1986 disaster, "cattle" because bitter experience has taught them to oppose
nuclear energy?

There are other solutions and they are well-known. In no particular order:
using less fossil fuel, preserving forests, switching to sustainable (and
non-polluting) energy resources.

Trying not to froth,

On Mon, 16 Nov 1998 00:26:57, Craig Bingham wrote:

>Perhaps it is time for the US to re-evaluate its hysterical position
regarding >nuclear reactors and down-stream wastes from that technology.
I've pulled a >few mREM in the course of getting the job done.  If the
general populace wakes >up to the amount of radiation exposure they take in
the course of exploiting >fossil fuels: maybe there could be a change. Then
again, people are cattle:  >driven to froth by the word "radiation." So my
intermendiate-range plans are >to move ~10-degrees longitude north and
several hundred feet higher above >sealevel(1998).

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