Coral Farming?

DON BAKER dbaker at
Tue Nov 17 18:22:34 EST 1998

Hello Coral-L Members,

I am writing from Sabah, Malaysia.  Sabah Department of Fisheries asked
me to investigate any/all methodologies currently underway - worldwide -
for coral reef seascaping with "farmed/garden raised" corals?  If such
efforts exist, are methodologies applicable to the small village based
community; indirectly enhancing fish stocks through reef rebuilding,

This is a new idea I believe that is based on certain reef ecological
char. and prior coral species presence [before fish bombing & cyanide

In short, do you know of any efforts in the Philippines - or anywhere
for that matter - doing work in this new approach?

Also, I am interested in what work is being done with Giant Clams in and
around northern Bohol.  Or are the clams all harvested out?  The culture
and farming of G. clams is my specialty from prior experience & training
in the Marshall Is.

Many thanks for your time.  Looking forward to your input & reply.

Don Baker
Sabah, Malaysia

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