dive comp temps

Bruce Carlson carlson at soest.hawaii.edu
Tue Nov 17 22:10:07 EST 1998


We have the old EDGE computers as back-up computers and the temperature
guages on the two units always read exactly the same.  However, I will
admit we have not validated either of them recently.  Otherwise they have
been very reliable for over ten years (with annual servicing).  


On Tue, 17 Nov 1998, Allan Smith wrote:

> Hi all -
> Re this exchange on water temperatures, I would be interested to know if
> people find dive computers accurate enough for reporting local water
> conditions. I'm envious if you do. I have tested 5 top-end Oceanic units
> (Datatrans) and haven't come within 2 degrees of a waterbath temperature. 
> Allan
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