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Concerning dive computer temperatures:
   Another distinct possibility comes from the low absolute accuracy of
these temperature sensors.  The manual for my dive computer says it is only
accurate to about 2 deg.  The pressure sensor for the computer is
temperature compensated- I suspect that is why the computer has a
temperature sensor, and since they have it, why not give the temp to the
diver?  But the accuracy needed for compensating the pressure sensor is
low, so it isn't worth a lot of money & effort for the manufacturer to put
a more accurate one in.
   I suspect that the computer and your watch probably read different temps
when they are at the same temp.  However, each one is probably consistent-
high repeat accuracy- so if calibrated they might be quite good.  Haven't
gotten around to doing that with my own.  Their accuracy is limited though,
since they read only in whole degrees- the actual temp could be anywhere
within a 1 degree range, even if it was calibrated accurately.  Because of
the size of the computer, it also takes quite a while to equilibrate to
ambient temp.  -Doug

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