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Dear collective:

   Les Kaufman raises an excellent question.  To quantify the magnitude 
of bleaching we might do well to consider comparative data at the species 
level that is stratified by reef zone and depth.  The Atlantic and Gulf 
Reef Assessment protocol would work for that (see:, I suspect that there are others.  
Point is, understanding the pattern of this bleaching event should be a 
research priority.  I suspect it is too soon to know how much of this 
event is transient bleaching and how much will be lethal.  However, those 
of you in the field should get some data as soon as possible.  We can 
sort out what it all means later.

Bob Steneck

>Do the accumulating data bases allow us to calculate the relationship
>between the magnitude of bleaching across sites this year and the extent
>of subsequent mortality?
>Les Kaufman

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