Fungia scutaria and H. porcellanus

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Tue Nov 24 22:24:45 EST 1998

Dear cor-lister,

We did  coral survey at islands off Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia and
we spotted mushroom coral, Fungia scutaria.  What really struck us is
that the particular fungiids have not been recorded to be found in Sabah
waters.  Another finding that we came across was the Hippopus
porcellanus which were reported to be found in the Sulu archipelago down
to Sulawesi and the micronesia.  The giant clams were found at a reef 40
km from Kota Kinabalu city.  Ocean currents may play a great part of
their distribution.  Now I would to know if there are anybody out their
that have also found the specimens at Sabah's water or the Borneo

Thank you,
Wilson Alex

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