Coral Disease Page Update

Harry McCarty McCarty_and_Peters at
Thu Oct 1 18:40:03 EDT 1998

Dear Coral Listers,

Just a short note to advise you that the Coral Disease Page (R) has been
updated again.  The latest update includes new information on red-band
disease in sea fans, and tumors and other skeletal anomalies, as well as
updated information and photographs regarding rapid wasting.  The updates
have been incorporated to the site at:

We have also updated the off-line version of the page, which is designed as
an aid to field researchers and once downloaded, does not require access to
the web.  For those of you who have already sat through downloading the
original off-line version, we are pleased to announce
that the updated information is available as a separate, smaller, download
(about 450 Kb).

We are grateful to those who have offered suggestions and advice and to
those who contributed new materials.

We _do_ have one favor to ask.  The on-line page is quite popular,
generating over 1700 "hits" in less than six months.  However, we do not
have a means to track how many folks have actually downloaded the off-line
version.  Given the time that it takes to modify and update both versions
and the fact that it almost doubles the server space required, we need to
establish the level of interest in the off-line version.  So, if you have
downloaded the off-line version and find it useful, please let us know. 
There's no registration fee, we would just like to know if its worth the
effort to keep both versions alive and current.

You may reach us at:

mccarty_and_peters at

or through the e-mail link on the Coral Disease Page.

Thanks again for your support.  We are planning further updates in the
months to come.

Harry McCarty and Esther Peters

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