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Mon Oct 5 21:29:43 EDT 1998

Dear coral-listers,

I would like to take the chance to update the final programme of the
symposium,  "Ecology and Conservation of the Coral Reef in the Pacific",
Pacific Science Association Intercongress,  15-19 Nov., Academia Sinica,
Taipei, Taiwan.  This programme, as I believe, should be the last version,
though minor change will be added. To those who are still interested in
coming this symposium, I would like to encourage you to present in the
poster section. Please contact Miss Flora Pu (florapu at gate.
for the late registration. If you have any inquring regarding to the
scientific programme, please do not hesitate to send me an e-mail.

Pacific Science Association Intercongress, 15-19 Nov., Institute of
Zoology, Academia Sinica,Taipei

The 6th Taiwan Coral Reef Society Annual Meeting

Date/Time	Speaker/ Title

15 Nov. 1998, Sunday
	                   Invited speakers arrivial

16 Nov. 1998, Monday
8:30am	                   PSA registration

9:00-9:45am	Open ceremony of PSA in the Activity Centre Hall

10:00-11:00am	Plenary speech of PSA (I/II)

11:00-5:30pm	City tour to the National Palace Museum/ Northern Coast

19:00-21:30pm	Reception party in the Activity Centre (host by Academia

17 Nov. 1998, Tuesday
9:00-11:00am	Plenary speech of PSA (III/IV)
(*posters will be exhibited from the 9:00am in the Institute of Zoology)

11:00-11:10am	Open ceremony of Symposium of Ecology and Conservation of
Coral Reef in the Pacific
	                   (This will be held in the auditorium of
Institute of Zoology)
11:10-12:10pm	Plenary speech/ Jeremy Jackson**

	                   (To be announced)

12:10-13:30pm	Lunch and poster session

Session I	Coral Reef Ecology/Conservation/Management

13:30-14:00pm	Terrence Hughes**

	                   Large-scale processes on coral reefs

14:00-14:30pm	Terry Done**
	                   Performance indices for management of coral reef
14:30-15:00pm	Edgardo Gomez**
	                  Coral Reef conservation in a developiong country:
after 20 years, has the philippines made progress?

15:00-15:30pm	Richard Grigg**
	                   Holocence coral reef accretion in Hawaii: a
function of wave exposure and sea level history

15:30-15:45pm	Denise McCorry
	                  Classification of Hong Kong's coral communities
using quantitative underwater video
                                     sampling and its scope from management
applications in the South China Sea

15:45-16:00pm	Tea/ Coffee break

Session II	Environmental challenges and coral-algal symbiosis

16:00-16:30pm	Robert Rowan**
	                   How do coral-algal symbioses cope with
environmental challenges?
16:30-17:00pm	Anglea Douglas**

	                   Zooxanthellae in corals: does molecular
diversity matter?
17:00-17:15pm	Jih-Terng Wang and Anglea Douglas**

	                  The role of endosymbiotic algae, Symbiodinium sp.
on nitrogen metabolism of the
                                     cnidarian host: nitrogen recycling or
nitrogen conservation
17:15-17:30pm	E. A. Titlyanov and T. V. Titlyanova

	                   Coral bleaching or degradation of zooxanthellae
is a normal physiological process
                                      in symbiotic organism

17:30-17:45pm	Chaolun Allen Chen# and Lee-Shing Fang#

	                   Does thermal adapation occur in the
cnidarian-zooxanthellae symbiosis?
                                     A molecular ecology approach

17:45-18:00pm	Jr-Kai Yu, Lee-Shing Fang and Chaolun Allen Chen

	                  Zooxanthellae polymorphism with Taiwanese
Pocillopora damicornis revealed
                                     by PCR-RFLP and DNA sequences of
18:30-21:30pm	Banquet (host by the Fin Sealife Taipei)

18 Nov. 1998, Wensday

9:00-11:00pm	Plenary speech of PSA (V/VI)

11:10-12:10pm	Plenary speech/Chuck Birkeland**

	                   Why some reefs recover and others do not?

12:10-13:30pm	Lunch and poster session

Session III	Ecology of Coral Reef Fishes

13:30-14:00pm	Howard Choat**
	                   Herbivory by fishes on coral reefs: does it
occur, and is important and if it doesn't?

14:00-14:15pm	Jeng-Ping Chen and Kwang-Tsao Shao#

	                   Spawning hour difference as one reproductive
isolation factor among several
                                      species Apogon cookii complex

14:15-14:30pm	Rong-Quen Jan#
	                   Inter-oceanic comparisons of nest-size of the
dameslfishes, Abudefduf saxatilis complex

14:30-14:45pm	Lishu Chen#
	                   Ontogenetic morphometric changes for juvenile
scarids, Chlorurus sordidus and Scarus schlegeli

14:45-15:00pm	Tea/ Coffee break

Session IV	Evolution and ecology of corals and reef-associated
organisms (I)

15:00-15:30pm	Bette Willis**
	                   New perspectives on hybrids and species borders
in the coral genus Acropora
15:30-15:45pm	Tung-Yung Fan and Chang-Feng Dai#

	                   Reproductive ecology in transplanted and native
population of the scleractinian coral
                                      Echinopora lamellosa in northern and
southern Taiwan
16:15-16:30pm	Chang-Feng Dai, Tung-Yung Fan, Jr-Kai Yu and Sin-Che Lee

	                   Reproductive isolation and genetic variation of
a scleractinian coral, Mycedium elephantotus

16:30-16:45pm	Keryea Soong#, Hon-Ming Fan and Chaolun Allen Chen

	                   Coral recruitment study at Nanwan, South Taiwan

16:45-17:00pm	Jiang-Shiou Hwang and Rudi Strickler

	                   In situ observations of the physical-biological
interactions between
                                      polyps and suspended particles

17:00-17:15pm	Wen-Hung Twan, Ching-Fong Chang, Jiang-Shiou Hwang

	                   Estradiol-17B and testosterone in scleractinian

18:00-21:30pm	PSA closing Banquet (PSA invited speakers only, host by
Academia Sinica)

19 Nov. 1998, Thursday
8:30-9:00am	Registration of Taiwanese Coral Reef Society (TCRS)

	                   Election new committee members

Session V	Evolution and ecology of corals and reef-associated
organisms (II)
9:00-10:00am	Plenary speech/ Charlie Veron**

	                   Reticulate evolution: the alternative paradigm

10:-10:15am	Tea/ Coffee break

10:15-10:45am	Yehuda Benayahu** and Chang-Feng Dai

	                   Soft corals (Octocorallia) from Taiwan

10:45-11:15am	Ming-Shu Jeng#
	                   Reef-building soft coral, Sinularia

11:15-11:30am	Tin-Yam Chan#
	                   The reef lobsters of Taiwan and the Pacific

11:30-11:45am	Hsin-Ju Lin
	                   Spatial changes in the abundance and growth of
intertidal Thalassia hemprichii
                                      seagrass beds in southern Taiwan

11:45-12:30pm	Closing Remark/ Fu-Shiang Chia**

	                  Coral reef conservation: from interlectural
discourse to social movement
	                  Symposium closed

12:15-14:00pm	Banquet (TCRS committees, speakers and all participants
include TCRS members;
                                                     host by Inst. Zool.
Academia Sinica)

14:00-14:30pm	TCRS General Assembly

14:30-15:30pm	TCRS new-elected committee meeting (elect new president)

17:00pm	                   Overseas invited speakers fly to Kaohsiung and
transfer to Kenting National Park

20:00pm	                   arrive at the Kenting National Park

20 Nov. 1998, Friday
8:30am	                   Diving/ free tour in the National Park

14:30-16:30am	Round table disscussion for coral reef conservation of
	                   Stay at Kenting National Park

21 Nov. 1998, Saturday
	                   Departure for Taipei/abroad or stay in Taipei or
Kaohsiung for more days

Poster Section	Authors/ Title

S-II-3-1-1	Z.-H. Liao, J.-K. Yu and C. A. Chen
	Doese zooxanthellae diversity correlate with coral colour patterns?
A case study in Pocillopora damicornis
S-II-3-1-2	M.S. Goodson, A. M. Savage and A. E. Douglas
	Molecular diversity of zooxanthellae on a high-latitude coral reef
S-II-3-1-3	S.-J. Rau, K.-T. Shao and C. A. Chen
	Subrepeat variation of mitochondrial control region in Dascyllas
trimaculatus: implication for
                   population interdependence of the South China Sea
S-II-3-1-4	J. Chen and K. Soong
	Why are there always two notices before a symposium? how do the
marine widges synchornize their emergence?
S-II-3-1-5	P.-S. Lee and K. Soong
	Study of eutrophication in coral reef
S-II-3-1-6	L.-C. Tseng and J.-S. Hwang
	Effects of terrestrial and marine sediments on the activity of a
gorgonian, Subergorgia suberosa
S-II-3-1-7	W. S. Tasi, G.-N. Zoun, H.-I Hsiesh, M.-D. Lin, N. V. Wei
and C. A. Chen
	Status of coral reef in the Pescadores: ReefCheck98 in the Penghu
S-II-3-1-8	N. V. Wei, Y. C. Chiu, Y.-W. Yang and C. A. Chen
	Status of coral reef in the Posunotao: ReefCheck98 in the Lanyu Island
S-II-3-1-9	Y.-W. Yang, N. V. Wei, Y. C. Chiu, K. Soong and C. A. Chen
	Status of coral reef in the Green Island: ReefCheck98 in the Green

Cheers, Allen

Allen C. Chen, PhD
Assistant Research Fellow
Institute of Zoology
Academia Sinica
Taipei, Taiwan
Ph: 886-2-2789-9549
Fax: 886-2-2785-8059
E-mail: cac at

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