Species specific- Bleaching.

Pamela L. Coscolluela coralcay at mozcom.com
Wed Oct 14 08:34:25 EDT 1998

Dear Coral listers,

I am very interested in knowing why some species/life forms are more prone
to bleaching than others eg. foliose spp, pachyseris spp, pavona clavus,
tabulate acroporas, seriatopora hystrix, stylophora pistillata. If any one
can enlighten me a little more, or knows of a good source to find this
information, especially information on species specific recovery rates etc
I would be most appreciative.

I Look forward to any comments. Please respond to coraycay at mozcom.com - and
mark for the attention of Gillian Goby.

		Cheers, Gillian.

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