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Thu Oct 15 04:10:02 EDT 1998


	This month, fishers of our organized groups consulted us about
corals dying in the area. Myself and Arjan (both marine biologists) went
for a dive to inspect (October 13).  We observed that the corals of the
entire DANAO BAY has suffered bleaching. Most of the soft corals were
affected, all turning white and rotting, some massive and submassive forms
(staghorn, brain type) colors turning violet and white. We also noticed
that the "fire corals" were not affected, maybe this is something to do
with ultraviolet rays, because of the pigmentation of the fire corals
(absorbs uv light),there is no effect, or maybe it has high tolerance or
has not shown any effect yet (not yet noticeable).

	The fishermen said that it started in September, we also heard
observations from neighboring islands in the Philippines (Bohol and
Dumaguete). With this, I would like to inquire if it is happening in other
places outside the Philippines, if it is, we may dealing with a global

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Area of detection: DANAO BAY

		     Baliangao, Misamis Occidental


Any help!!!

jade fraser


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