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I wish to disseminate an announcement so as to reach as wide a community
as possible of prospects for a graduate assistantship to study for the
M.Sc. in oceanography or meteorology, supported by my IAI/ISP-1 project.
We are specifically targeting potential applicants from the Caribbean
region, including the islands, Mexico, Central America or northern South
America. I would appreciate your help in disseminating this information
to any student prospects you know of, to institutions where they may be
found (e.g., university departments in your country) or in your own
Newsletters and/or web pages, whatever is appropriate. I have made the
announcement in English since, if it cannot be understood, whoever reads
it should probably not apply.

I thank you for your valuable assistance.

David Enfield

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The NOAA Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory (AOML,
Miami) will support a graduate student to pursue a 2-year masters degree
in Meteorology & Physical Oceanography (MPO), with emphasis in one of
those two areas, at the University of Miami's Rosenstiel School of Marine =

and Atmospheric Science (RSMAS), starting in August, 1999. We are
specifically hoping to support a qualified person from the Caribbean
region, including the islands, Mexico, Central America or northern South
America. The student will do thesis research on a topic of applied
climate analysis for the Caribbean region as part of the Inter-American
Institute for Global Change Research (IAI) and and the Pan-American
Climate Studies (PACS) projects at AOML. The best qualified applicant who =

meets the admission requirements of RSMAS will be awarded a graduate
assistantship covering basic fees and subsistence for a two-year period.

Application materials should include: (1) application forms with a
one-time, nonrefundable administrative fee of $US 35; (2) test results
from the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) and the TOEFL test of English
(these tests are typically administered several times a year in major
Latin American cities); (3) an official English translation of the
applicant's college transcript; (4) three letters of recommendation
(written in English); and (5) a one-page statement of career goals.
Applications, test results and other materials should be received at
RSMAS no later than February 1st, 1999. Further information, plus
application forms, may be requested by writing from:

        Graduate Studies Office
        Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science
        4600 Rickenbacker Cswy
        Miami, Florida 33149, USA
        Email: <gso at rsmas.miami.edu>

All completed applications materials should be remitted to the same
address. It will be helpful to include a copy of this announcement with
the cover letter and to mention that the best qualified applicant will be
supported by AOML through a grant administered by Dr. David Enfield.

In general, admission to RSMAS/MPO is highly competitive. A strong
academic background in math and physics is highly recommended, as
evidenced by acceptable grades in appropriate college courses (college
transcript). Undergraduate courses in meteorology or oceanography are
indications of interest and familiarity but do not carry much academic
weight because they are typically taught at too low a level. The
equivalent of an undergraduate degree in physics, geophysics or certain
branches of engineering is the best academic preparation; most other
college curriculums do not have the requisite math and physics. In regard
to recommendation letters, those from college professors attesting to
academic proficiency are usually the most helpful.

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