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The Organizing Committee of the Atlantic-Gulf Reef Assessment Program
solicits proposals to assess reefs of the region using the Revised AGRA
Rapid Assessment Protocol.

Background: The objective of this request is to help provide support for
field expenses to survey reefs using the AGRA-RAP methodology.  Preference
will be given to those proposals that include all the components of the
AGRA-RAP methodology and that examine remote reefs.  It is expected that at
least six proposals will be funded for fieldwork beginning in Spring 1999.
For additional background information on the AGRA program, visit the AGRA
web site:

Eligibility:  Scientists, managers, governmental and non-governmental
agencies, and individuals experienced in reef science.  All reef
assessments must be conducted within the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico
region.  Participants are strongly encouraged to familiarize themselves
with the AGRA-RAP methodology.  Contact Philip Kramer
(Pkramer at if you have questions about the methodology or to
learn more about upcoming AGRA training workshops.

Submission deadline: November 15, 1998

Maximum amount of awards: $5,000

Proposal Format: The individual proposals should be single-spaced and no
more than two pages of text (including references) and one page for maps
and other illustrations.  Please use the following headings:


1. Principal Investigators, affiliations, and contact information.

2. Description and special significance(s) of your reefs:  
Give a very brief description (1-2 paragraphs) of the reefs that will be
examined using the AGRA methodology.  Include any remarkable features such
as the location, remoteness, relationships to populations, tourism, or
fishing that make assessing their condition important.  A map or chart of
the reef area to be assessed with a small insert to show the location on a
regional sketch is required.  On this chart indicate the reefs or reef
areas to be assessed by name, number or letter.

3. Field schedule: 
When will the assessment begin, how many days will be spent in the field,
how many sites and at what depths, how many assessors will be involved,
when will the assessment be completed.  Note, all field work must be
completed within 1999. 

4. Experience of the assessing team:  
A very brief explanation of persons that will be involved in the
assessment, their affiliation, and qualifications.  

5. Existing works relevant to this proposal. 
A very brief annotated LIST of published and unpublished works relevant to
the proposed reef area.  

6. Budget:  
Provide an itemized list of the total costs for conducting the project. The
"request for funding" from AGRA should be no more than $5000.  List any
other sources of support you may have. Categories to be considered: boat
rental or charter; boat fuel/oil, purchase of a modest amount of diving
equipment, field equipment, costs of transportation, meals and
accommodations where necessary.  No salaries can be provided, but modest
daily stipends to field assistants may be included up to a maximum of
$1500.  No overhead please.

Submission Guidelines:
There are three options for submission:
1. Electronically:  You can submit the proposal as an attached e-mail to
rginsburg at
2. Fax 	305-361-4094
3. Mail 
Atlantic and Gulf Reef Assessment
4600 Rickenbacker Cswy
Miami, FL 33149    

For additional information, please contact Robert N. Ginsburg at
305-361-4875 or at the above e-mail.

AGRA Organizing Committee:					AGRA Regional Advisors
Robert Ginsburg. Miami, FL 					Pedro Alcolado, Cuba
Philip Kramer, Miami, FL					Ernesto Arias, Mexico
Judy Lang, Austin, TX						Claude Bouchon, Guadeloupe
Peter Sale, Windsor, Canada					Jorge Cortez, Costa Rica
Robert Steneck, Walpole, ME					Janet Gibson, Belize
								Zelinda Leao, Brazil

Robert N. Ginsburg
Professor of Marine Geology
Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science
University of Miami
4600 Rickenbacker Cswy. Miami, FL 33149
Phone: (305) 361-4875  FAX: (305) 361-4094 or 4632

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