Coral Bleaching Survey from the Tropical Marine Research Unit, UK.

joanne Mattocks jlm112 at
Tue Oct 20 07:31:31 EDT 1998

I am asking for your help in a survey being undertaken by myself at the
Tropical Marine Research Unit at the University of York, UK. I am
researching into coral bleaching events in the Red Sea and Indian Ocean
and I am trying to collate information from researchers and divers
working in these areas. I would be very grateful if you could complete
the attached questionnaire and return it to me as soon as possible by
e-mail, fax or post (addresses at the bottom of the questionnaire).
Please remember that even a negative sighting report will also help in
the survey. If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact
me. Thank you for your time and co-operation.

Joanne Mattocks
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Thankyou for your patience in completing this form. Any reply will be useful including a negative one.

1. Where did you see areas of possible or probable bleaching?
    (Please describe the location or area as precisely as possible)

2. When or over what period (i.e. months) was the bleaching observed?

3. Approximately how large was the area affected by bleaching (e.g. 50m across, 1km across      or 10km across etc) ?

4. Was it a fresh bleaching that was observed, or were the corals dead and perhaps covered      with algae?

5. What parts of the reef were affected by bleaching ? At what depth ? 

6. Were there many or only a few types of corals affected by bleaching? (Were they       branched or other forms, if you know the name(s) of the coral please state.)

7. Were there any observations of unusually high sea-water temperatures recorded before      or during that period? (If so please give details)

8. Any other comments ? If possible please describe more in detail what was seen.

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Joanne Mattocks, Tropical Marine Research Unit, University of York, York, UK.
Fax: 44-1904-432860   Tel: 44-1904-623151   e-mail: jlm112 at  

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