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Darrin Drumm darrin.drumm at
Tue Oct 20 22:14:50 EDT 1998

Dear Listers

I am trying to locate contact details (e-mail if available) for the
following researchers.  Any assistance would be appreciated.  Please send
any responses directly to me at  darrin.drumm at  Sorry
for the length of the list.  thanks in advance for your assistance.

Darrin Drumm

Castillo G.A. (University of the Philippines?),
Castro LRS,
David J. Doulman(FAO Fisheries Dept.?),
Famel L,
Kam S. P.(Universiti Sains Malaysia?),
Kerr, AM
Bai, Mary,
G. Pérez-Plascencia,
Roa, M. J. T.,
Rossi, O ,
Munro, J. L.,
Wells, S. M.,
Alcala, A.C.,
Tilmant, J.T. 

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