Bleaching in Lakshadweep, India

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Fri Oct 23 10:10:48 EDT 1998

Just to add to the recent catalogue of post-bleaching misery ... we recently
conducted a rapid survey at Kadmat Island in Lakshadweep, India using
ReefCheck methods. An outer-atoll seaward reef slope was chosen for its
luxuriant coral cover in previous years. From verbal reports and extent of
dead coral now, pre-bleaching live coral cover was probably in excess of
80-90% in places. Results of the survey confirmed heavy mortality along
lines reported elsewhere in the Indian Ocean. At 3m depth, only 3% live
coral cover was recorded, with 87% dead branching and table forms. At 10m,
live coral cover was 7%, with 43% cover by dead branching and table forms,
and a further 38% rocky substrate, much of which appeared to be recently
scoured massive coral forms, though impossible to be certain. Not all reefs
in Lakshadweep appear to have suffered quite so severely, but these results
seem to some extent representative. Further info. available from Dr Syed
Ismail Koya, Dept of Science, Technology & Environment, Lakshadweep
<lk-dst at> and GCRMN South Asia regional office. Full
results also submitted to ReefCheck.


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