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Wed Oct 28 12:24:32 EST 1998

I am a 26 year old graduate of Southern Illinois University at Carbondale.  My
degree is in biology with an emphases on what little marine biology they
offered.  I am currently serving an apprenticeship with the Mid-America Aqua
Center, in St. Louis Missouri.  For this apprenticeship, I will receive six
credits from S.I.U. toward my masters.  I receive no stiffen for the
apprenticeship so I have obtained a part time job in the marine department of
a local pet store.  My apprenticeship will be completed in early December of
this year and I wish very much to continue my education in the field of marine
biology,  thus bringing me to my dilemma.
Since receiving my bachelors, I have applied for numerous entry level
positions in the field of marine biology, all resulting in the same catch 22.
I can’t get a job without having experience and I can’t gain any experience
without getting a job.
I am writing this note because I desperately need advice, suggestions, help,
etc. in short, I guess I need a mentor, someone who has probably already been
through the problem.  
I am single and willing to relocate to almost anywhere.  My willingness to
work and learn are great and my needs are small.  I either must receive a
small wage or have the opportunity to work part time and I desire very much to
continue my education in marine biology.  My final goal is to gain a Ph.D. in
marine biology and a full time job in that field.  Any reply will be very much

Thank you very much.

Michael L. Thomas
1200 Culverhill Dr.
St. Louis Missouri 63119
(314) 962-2958

email     Dthoma1119 at

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