Helpful Hints

Coral Workstation at NOAA/AOML coral at
Thu Oct 29 09:59:53 EST 1998

Greetings, Coral-Listers,

	I just wanted to offer a couple of helpful hints to our new

1)  When sending messages to the list, it is helpful if you send your
message in plain ASCII format, as there are many folks out there who do
not have mail readers that can read imbedded HTML (Web) code--it comes
across as very difficult to read for them; thus, you lose some of your
intended readership.

2)  If you are interested in seeking references or information on a
particular subject, please check the coral-list archives (under "Coral
Researcher's Community" at the CHAMP Home Page, first.
This is usually updated once a month. In some cases, a subject you are
interested in has already been discussed.

3)  Before asking the coral-list subscribers for references, it might also
be best for you to check these resources first,


	The Non-Destructive Coral Health Monitoring Home Page

	Dr. Anne Cohen's list of references on gorgonian growth rates

	Selected bibliography of storms as they relate to coral health

	The CHAMP Literature Abstracts Home Page

(If any coral-list subscribers have other literature related links, we
would very much like to know of them.)

	Hope this helps!


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