"Pinkline disease"-Help!!!

Prasanna Weerakkody firefish at sltnet.lk
Sat Oct 31 11:14:42 EST 1998

Dear Coral listers

We are presently trying to come to terms with the aftermath of the 98
bleaching catastrophe here in Sri Lanka. We have already lost considerable
amount of coral cover in most of our reefs.  The Nature Conservation Group;
a volunteer  Environmental NGO' has been involved in an ongoing reef program
in the Buona-vista reef where we are observing the same trend in massive
structural change to the reef with considerable loss of living coral cover.
While still assessing the situation we are focusing on possibilities of
restoration of coral communities.

While most of the large Porites domes survived; the partially pigmented
colonies seem to be fast succumbing to an epidemic of a coral disease which
was identified as the "pink line disease" (pers. com. Dr. Thomas Goreau ).
The coral tissue is softened and killed by a thin (1-2mm.thick) pink line
advancing as a spreading ring. We are looking for ways in containing this
infection. I would be most grateful if anyone could enlighten me as to any
information or experience with controlling such infections. Can it be
controlled by over painting the infected line with some compound that would
stop it advancing, and if possible facilitate re-colonization by the coral
tissue. Man power is not a problem but we seek advice on what would be the
best method to employ in saving the corals.

The Porites boulders bleached and survived un-pigmented for over five
months. And is possibly very much weakened. Something need to be done
urgently as the spread of the disease is quite fast.

Hope you could assist us
Prasanna Weerakkody
Nature Conservation Group

No.9, Balapokuna place,
Colombo 6.
Sri Lanka

Phone: 941 856041

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