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Dennis A. Thoney, Ph.D.
General Curator
New York Aquarium
Wildlife Conservation Society
Boardwalk and West 8th St.
Brooklyn, NY 11224
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The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), was founded in 1895 as the New York
Zoological Society.  WCS now manages over 250 wildlife conservation projects in over
52 countries.  In New York City, WCS operates the Bronx Zoo, the New York Aquarium,
the Osborn Laboratories of Marine Sciences, and the Central Park, Prospect Park, and
Queens Wildlife Centers.  WCS also manages the St. Catherine's Island Wildlife
Survival Center, a facility for studying and breeding endangered species located off the
Georgia coast.  

The mission of WCS's Osborn Laboratories of Marine Sciences (OLMS) is completely
devoted to conservation research.  OLMS research programs focus on: 1. Fisheries
(improved quantitative assessment and fishery analysis, bycatch, coastal sharks &
migratory fishes, and international artisanal & freshwater fisheries); 2. Coral
Ecosystems (coral aquaculture & basic biology, coral ecosystem ecology, and coral
microbiology & parasitology); 3. Coastal Ecosystems (environmental biology &
assessment); and, 4. Aquaculture Technology (new technologies for advancing
capabilities for culturing and studying aquatic species and habitats).

WCS has a long history of field-based research and conservation in the marine
environment, including projects in Belize and Kenya on corals and reef management
and the effects of fishing on reef ecosystems, and many projects on marine mammals
particularly in Argentina and Peru related to growing conflicts with local fisheries. 
Concurrently, the development of a coral research and aquaculture facility in the
Osborn Labs has expanded WCS's capabilities for basic, quantitative research on the
effects of environmental change and specific human impacts on corals as well as on
coral diseases.

As an important part of the OLMS conservation research program, WCS is seeking to
fill a new position: Post Doctoral Research Fellow in Coral Biology & Ecology. This
position will help develop the coral research program using laboratory-based research
to support conservation efforts.

The Post Doc in Coral Biology & Ecology will report to the Director of the Coral
Laboratory, and will directly coordinate and supervise the Coral Laboratory Assistant
Research Technician and Graduate Students.  The successful candidate will: conduct
laboratory and field research in coral reef biology; publish scientific research conducted
in the laboratory and the field;  assist in identifying, attracting, and acquiring both short-
and long-term funding necessary to implement the development of coral reef research
and conservation programs; provide technical support for WCS's marine policy
initiatives; and, participate in and represent WCS at scientific conferences. 
Qualifications:  Ph.D. in marine ecology, marine biology or closely related field, strong
background experience in coral research, propagation of marine organisms, and a
demonstrated publication capability with strong interpersonal, presentation, and team

Please send curriculum vitae, a summary statement of your 
research and conservation interests, and references to: Dr. Paul J. Boyle, Director,
Osborn Laboratories of Marine Sciences, New York Aquarium, Boardwalk & West 8th
Street, Brooklyn, NY 11224, or to pboyle at    .

The Wildlife Conservation Society is an Equal Opportunity  Employer.

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