Jason See experiment

Ernie Matson eamatson at uog9.uog.edu
Mon Sep 7 06:17:39 EDT 1998

Hey 'yall..

Well the votes are in after 10 ten days (but a fortnight update will
follow). After receiving a broadcast request from Jason See, I jumped in
his britches over MY IMPRESSION of him wanting to have others do his
research for him. I responded to the entire list, just to see what kind of
response I'd get.

I got clobbered. But only a political election type clobbering. Of those
doctors who responded (sound familiar FDA?), 62 % told me to shut up and
go away, while others in that group suggested more specific remedies for
my attitude. At an N of 32, I plead what most us do when we can't
interpret our data..we don't have enough.  The other 38% were closet
grumps who were glad I said it but wouldn't do it themselves.

Jim Hendee provided a nice reminder that I was an A#$%^e, and sent Jason
THE good refs, all of which were in the hard literature. Jim's right, as

Sorry for all the wrung hankies out there in coralist land, but the iron
was hot, so to speak, and I poked. 

Ernie Matson

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